Professor:Kanehiro Kitayama
Associate Prof.:Naoya Osawa
Research Associates
Severin Hatt:Flowering aromatic plants for conservation biological control: do they attract and support predatory ladybeetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae)?
Yoshimi Sawada:Study in the FSC ecosystem-servise certification./ Forest regeneration in relation to logging intensity in loewland tropical rain forests.
Mana Mukai: Nutrient cycling in forest ecosystem on Yakushima Island being affected Akahoya volcanic ash derived from the eruption or Kikai Caldera 7300 years ago;Tree’s strategy for acquisition of phosphorus which are bound to allophane in soil
PhD Candidates
Hiroki Ito: The effects of aggregation on survival and growth rate in the wood-feeding cockroach Panesthia angustipennis spadica
Mizuho Tatsuno: The pollination systems of Eurya japonica and Eurya emerginata, flowering in cool temperature
Gaku Amada: Adaptive significance of leaf trichomes in Metrosideros polymorpha in Hawaii
Keito Kobayashi: The mechanisms underlying bamboo grove expansion.
Takumi Takehara: The effects of the abscised leaf phosphatase activity on the decomposers during litter decomposition
Masters Program
Hiroki Taga: Nitrogen requirement of xylem of conifer
Takanori Genroku: The effect of soil nutrient availability to net primary production in forest ecology in Japan
Keiko Ohira: Floristics and Structure of Cloud Forests in Sabah, Malaysia
Manatsu Kitamura: Diversity of soil microbial community in forest along a secondary successional gradient
Tomonari Matsuo: Light competition among tree individuals and its consequences for forest structure along a secondary successional gradient
Issei Tanaka: Effects of crown shape on forest production
Ryuichi Takeshige: Making forest degradation map by using UAV-borne Hyperspectral camera in Bornean torpical lowland forest
Unkan Yo: The mechanism underlying the parallel evolution of evergreen and deciduous leaf types
Tomoki Ikeda: The effect of the wood density on its shape or strength
Mami Nobusawa: The distribution of wild cats in tropical rainforests in East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Undergraduate Program
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Mayu Sasaki:
Akiho Segi:
Mayu Takagi:
Takahito Shindo: